Standfast Industries, Inc. is dedicated to producing the finest nitrogen cylinders available in the world. Our representation and distribution networks have given us successful access to worldwide markets.

Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed in the industry. Whether producing our standard "off-the-shelf" cylinders or constructing a plate concept package with hosed nitrogen cylinders, quality is our top priority.  With successful quality programs so important in day-to-day operations, not only for our organization but for our customers as well, Standfast has achieved an ISO9001:2000 Certification for our quality system.

We specialize in engineering and service support for our customers. With our CAD, CAM, and CIM(Computer Integrated Manufacturing) systems in place, our engineering staff is available to assist in any aspect of design or changeover that may require special designs for nitrogen cylinder applications. Although the majority of our customers are metal stampers, we have designed and manufactured cylinders for some very creative clients with special application considerations.

Please contact our Customer Service Department for all of your nitrogen cylinder questions and thank you for selecting Standfast Industries for your nitrogen cylinder requirements.

You may contact us by phone at (800) 424-7602 or (734) 245-0500 and by email at standfastind@yahoo.com