At Standfast when we say "Made In the USA" we really mean it! 

You've probably noticed a lot of interesting new ways of manipulating that simple phrase.  Some companies have started to say things like "Made in the USA of Imported Materials", "Assembled In the USA" or perhaps the best of the bunch "Designed In the USA".  At Standfast our Nitrogen Cylinders aren't just assembled or designed here; 95% of the components are made right here in the USA, with 85% of those components being made at our facility in Livonia, MI.  Not only are we dedicated to producing the finest nitrogen cylinders available in the world, we're equally dedicated to producing them in a way that supports our economy.   Our commitment to being Made In the USA is unwavering, and we will continue to do all that we can to keep it that way.  So while there are a lot of nice ways to say that something isn't really made in this country, we'll just keep on labeling each and every one of our cylinders "Made in U.S.A.", because that's exactly what it is.